What is Lutheran Worship? 


The word "worship" can make it seems like we are the ones doing the work on Sunday mornings. Yes, we sing songs and thank God for his goodness. But at the end of the day, God is the one who does the heavy lifting on Sunday mornings. We don't go to worship to serve him. Rather, we go to worship because he serves us through the gospel message of Jesus which is at the center of our worship.

 To accomplish this we use what is called liturgical worship, a pattern of worship which has been used by Christians for thousands of years that communicates the wonderful truths of the gospel in our modern language. This style of worship ensures that every time we meet, the main focus is on God serving us rather than the other way around.  A Christ-centered focus helps keep us from either extreme: caught up in mindless tradition (“But we’ve always done it this way. Older is better.”) or captured by meaningless misadaptations (“Let’s change for the sake of change. Newer is better.”).

At Peace, We strive for worship that is . . .

  • more celebration than party.
  • more accessible than simplistic.
  • more profound than complicated.
  • more worthwhile than convenient.
  • more timeless than traditional.
  • more diverse than contemporary.
  • more crucial than casual.

Come join us. We will work hard to make sure you feel welcome. But we will also tell it like it is – helping you come face to face with the peace that your Savior Jesus gives you every single day.